Versatile Producer / Director and Series Director with over 10 years experience across genres.  I value strong narratives and am able to offer stylised visuals without compromising the story.

Breaking Magic

Atul has recently completed work on BREAKING MAGIC made by  Objective Productions for Discovery International. He is the Series Director on this new Magic and Science series involving street magic and high end multicamera stunts. Shot on C300 & Arri Alexa.

Lethal Attraction: Ross Kemp on Guns

Producer / Director for a one off documentary with Ross Kemp travelling to the States where he journeys across the west coast to meet Gangsters , Cops, Gunstore owners, Victims and Shooters to discover why Americans are so fascinated with guns. (1 x 60 mins)

The Big Experiment

Producer / Director for Six part observational documentary series filming with underachieving East London teenagers who undergo a crash course in Science taught by two of Britain’s brightest scientists. The series also involved multicamera filming as well as high end stunts / experiments. (3 x 60 mins)

Fool Britannia

Director for pilot of new Dom Joly Hidden Camera comedy show.

Police Bravery Awards

Director for Drama Reconstructions of Heroic Police Acts. Including Drug Bust Shoot Out, Rescue from a Burning Building & Attempted Suicide from a Motorway Bridge.

The Peoples Book of Records

Zeppotron /Ch4 Series Director for this unique comedy / record breaking series. ( 9 x 30 mins)  

Come Dine With Me

ITV / CH4 Producer / Director for flagship factual entertainment series. 4 x 30 mins

Feel the Fear

    Darrall Macqueen / CITV- Series Director for Factual entertainment series with presenters undergoing extreme challenges including learning to fly, pothole and tame tigers. Set the look and style for series. (7 x 30mins)

Metroland : Big Time

HAWKSHEAD / CARLTON Director for Award Winning documentary about a Dwarf Rock Band trying to be taken seriously in the music business.